Budget Payment Plan

To become a new budget customer, contact our office today at 410-242-0990.

The Warthen Fuel Co. would like to introduce and explain to you our Budget Payment Plan.


The Budget Plan can be used by any customer who is eligible to receive deliveries on a regular credit basis and has no outstanding past due balances.

Payment Calculations

Budget payments are based on each individual’s consumption of oil for the past heating season, with forecasted prices for the next heating season and the cost of a Burner Service Agreement, if purchased. If the previous year’s history is not available, an estimated amount of gallons will be used. The Warthen Fuel Co. retains the right to adjust the monthly payments due if significant changes in anticipated consumption or prices occur.

Payment Period

The budget period runs for 11 consecutive months from July through May. Payments are due on or before the last day of the month in the amount given to you as your budget payment. For your convenience, we will supply you with return envelopes for each month. Any remaining balance in the month of June will be due and payable in order to remain on the next budget cycle.

Cancellations of Budget Privileges

The Budget Plan will be discontinued if any of the following conditions occur:


  • Customer requests withdrawal,
  • Two (2) budget payments are unpaid,
  • Any dishonored check is received,
  • The budget account is not settled in June for any balance owed for the previous budget cycle.


Existing budget plans will automatically be renewed unless otherwise notified.


  • No finance charges shall be assessed under this payment plan.
  • The Warthen Fuel Co. reserves the right to make additions, changes or deletions to the terms and conditions of the Budget Payment Plan at its discretion.

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