Warthen Fuel’s Commitment to Service

About Us

Warthen Fuel Co., Inc., has been serving its customers for over 70 years.  During this time we have learned a lot about what it takes to be a successful fuel oil provider.

Warthen Fuel Co., Inc., knows the value you place on keeping warm during cold winter months and cool in the summer.  We deliver more than oil and offer you peace of mind that your family’s comfort is our top priority.

Our staff is professionally trained and certified, and we provide superior customer service.

Budget Plan

Fuel prices may go up or down. Winter temperatures can set records. And there’s really no way to predict what weather each year may bring. That’s why we’ve developed a plan that will make things easier for you. A plan that lets you spread your heating costs in smaller, predictable payments.

We offer an 11 Month Budget Plan which may include your service plan, if desired.

Central Air Conditioning

We also install and service Central Air Conditioning Systems and Water Heaters. Call us today for Details.

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